Slop shop - transzendenz express (jimi tenor remake)

This is Slop Shops third album and features some of his most interesting reworks for and collaborations with other artists ? such as the great Brian Eno, the space-jazz weirdo Jimi Tenor ?Bucovina?-don Shantel, Atomhockey from Berlins Sonar Kollektiv (Jazzanova) and the German electronic-pop project SENSORAMA (a/k/a ALTER EGO)!
"Sometimes you hear something and think, 'Now this is how the modern world feels to me'. Peter's (Schwalm a/k/a Slop Shop) music is like that, capturing excitement and speed and ambiguity and even wistfulness and melancholy ... a complex emotional palette which feels to me like real life." - Brian Eno.
Tracks: Blue Angel - Atomhockey Rmx / Transzendenz Express - Version / Hypericum / Open Doors / Swingin Millie (original by Ian Simmonds) - Slop Shop Jam / Tus Ojos / Transzendenz Express - Sensorama Rmx / Unending (original by Shantel) - Slop Shop Rmx / Gone - Blackfish & Schwalm Jam / Transzendenz Express - Jimi Tenor Remake / Stay... And Come - Brian Eno Rmx

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Slop Shop - Transzendenz Express (Jimi Tenor Remake)Slop Shop - Transzendenz Express (Jimi Tenor Remake)