Aube - millennium - ianuarius

All sectors contributed, including resources, finance, retail, agriculture, transportation and telecommunications. Natural resources directly accounted for just 24 percent of the continent's GDP growth from 2000 through 2008. Key to Africa's growth surge were improved political and macroeconomic stability and microeconomic reforms.

Gradually, by the end of the ensuing Dark Age, the region was eventually settled by Neo-Hittite and Syro-Hittite states in Cilicia and the Levant . Beginning in the mid-10th century ., the Aramaean kingdoms settled in the Levant and the Philistines settled in southern Canaan . And between 911-605 ., there occurred the rise of the Neo-Assyrian Empire , the arrival of Phrygians , Cimmerians and Lydians in Asia Minor, Urartians and Colchians in the Caucasus and Iranian peoples such as the Persians , Medes and Parthians in Ancient Iran , and after the Orientalising period in the Aegean , of Classical Greece .

Aube - Millennium - IanuariusAube - Millennium - IanuariusAube - Millennium - IanuariusAube - Millennium - Ianuarius