Oral caress - love fantasy (reason to live)

The giver lies on their back while the receiver straddles their face, either suspending themselves slightly above your mouth or grinding against it.

Nothing about a blow job should be fast — he wants to savor it, and you'll love making him squirm. So start slow by grazing your mouth against his penis as you continue moving your hand up and down his shaft. One more thing: At this point, it's all right if he's not entirely erect. In fact, it's normal for his erection to ebb and flow during oral sex, and it's not indicative of his pleasure, says Amy Marsh, a Berkeley, CA-based sexologist. Take his temperature now and again by asking him to give you a clue when a move really turns him on. The dirty talk adds to the mood, and it'll make the next time even better. "Being honest about how it feels will boost enjoyment on both sides," says Marsh.

I read the comments below. Are they for real? The three women whose comments are below seem like that they should perhaps see therapists. Really. I hear a lot of bitterness and anger in all of you. If men put you in such dispositions, then I apologize on their behalf. I’d like you to know that there are some good men out there who want to please their women in every way possible. It’s also fair to expect that in return.
You ladies should really consider getting some professional counseling.

I have always enjoyed going down on a woman. I just love to feel her passion and orgasm when she cums! to me it is better than penetration. I can do it for hours!

There is no more surefire way to make a woman come than going down on her like a pro. Use these 8 oral sex techniques to get her there every time!